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read... IT Training on the Cheap
January 2010 — Keep your IT knowledge up-to-date without breaking the bank with these simple tips.

read... A Better Way To Manage DNS
December 2009 — University taps BlueCat appliance to improve control over a complex network.

read... Taking 802.11n Control to the Clouds
December 2009 — One college has adopted technology that allows it to save money on Wi-Fi controllers and expand its 802.11n network across the entire campus.

read... Cisco Plays Both Sides of the Virtual Coin
August 2009 — The Unified Computing System supports VMware and Hyper-V and aims to be a "Cloud in a Box" solution. But can Cisco transition from routers to servers?

read... Unified Communications, Step by Step
February 2009 — Unified communications (UC) is an all-encompassing term that describes a variety of applications. While the idea of implementing UC can seem overwhelming, the best approach is to take it bit by bit.

read... Cisco: The Unlikely Contender
November 2008 — Networking giant Cisco goes after Microsoft's supremacy in the collaboration-software market.

read... Microsoft and Cisco: The Odd Couple
November 2007 — Microsoft and Cisco are talking about collaboration in the nascent unified communications space, but they're approaching it from two very different angles. With customers heavily invested in both vendors' technologies, partners don't need to take sides -- yet.

read... The ABCs of IPv6
November 2006 — IP version 6 is poised to revolutionize networking. Here's why you should care and what you need to do to get ready.

read... CertCities.comís 10 Hottest Certifications for 2006
December 2005 — Our annual attempt to predict the certifications that will shine brightest next year.

read... CertCities.comís Guide to Storage Certs
September 2005 — Need to certify your knowledge of acronyms like SAN, NAS, iSCSI, FC and RAID? Hereís a guide to what the storage industry has to offer.

read... So, You Want To Be a CCIE?, Part 2
July 2005 — Prepare yourself for "game day" of the CCIE exams in this second part of a two-part primer on Cisco's highest-level cert by the columnist of TCP Q&A.

read... So, You Want To Be a CCIE?, Part 1
June 2005 — Get on the right path to Cisco's highest-level cert in this two-part primer by the columnist of TCP Q&A.

read... Video Extension Technologies 101: A Primer
January 2005 — As a network professional, you may one day be called upon to extend raw computer video, especially if there's no AV expert on staff. Make sure you're up for the task with this primer on the various solutions and the pros and cons of each.

read... Guide To Building a Home Study Lab, Part III: Purchasing Equipment
September 2004 — In this, the third of a multi-part series, Andrew covers the different ways of procuring the equipment you need to build your Cisco study lab.

read... Guide To Building a Cisco Home Study Lab, Part II: Equipment Basics
August 2004 — In this, the second of a multi-part series, Andrew walks you through the common types of equipment needed for your lab no matter which Cisco certification you're pursuing.

read... Q&A: Don Field and Rick Stiffler, Cisco Certification
July 2004 — Is the new CCNA exam really harder? Do candidates get partial credit for simulation questions? Who exactly is the CCIP really for? These Cisco certification program managers shed light on these questions and more.

read... Guide To Building a Cisco Study Lab Part I: Introduction and Study Options
June 2004 — The first in a series of articles that will offer detailed instructions on creating home labs for a variety of Cisco certifications.

read... Questions Types 101: How Many Ways Can You Ask the Same Thing?
August 2003 — Your guide to the myriad of question types found on today's IT certification exams.

read... My Top 10 Study Tips for Cisco's 640-607 CCNA Exam
May 2003 — Our author offers her favorite tips and links for preparing for this popular Cisco exam.

read... Data Protection 102: IPsec Implementation
December 2002 — In this second of a two-part series on IPsec, Eric Quinn offers how-to instructions for IOS, PIX and Concentrator IPsec configuration.

read... SONET Architecture 101: A Tutorial for Datacommers
November 2002 — Randy Bird writes the article he wishes existed when he was learning about SONET a few years ago.

read... Step-By-Step Guide to the CCNA Exam, Part II
November 2002 — Need help studying for Cisco's CCNA exam? In this two-part series, our expert guides you through the CCNA exam objectives.

read... Data Protection 101: Understanding Encryption & IPsec Tunnels
October 2002 — Are you a Cisco professional? Do you really understand how encryption works? Our expert offers this guide to understanding encryption, IPsec, and more.

read... Step-By-Step Guide to the CCNA Exam, Part I
September 2002 — Need help studying for Cisco's CCNA exam? In this two-part series, our expert guides you through the CCNA exam objectives.

read... Emerging Optical Technologies: Resilient Packet Ring and Passive Optical Networks
July 2002 — A look at two technologies that hope to become standards of fiber networking in the not-too-distant future.

read... Cranking It Up Again: 10 Gigabit Ethernet Arrives
June 2002 — What is 10 Gigabit Ethernet and what will it mean for you? Randy Bird explains all.

read... Cisco Speaks Out on New CCNA Exam
March 2002 — Wondering why Cisco didn't preannounce the new 640-607 exam? Need to know if your current study guides are still valid? In this Q&A, Cisco certification reps answer questions about the new simulation-heavy CCNA, and what we might see in the future.

read... My Top 5 Cisco Security Tips
February 2002 — From SHH to G.729 to Permit Lists, Eric Quinn shares these tried and true ways to keep your Cisco network secure.

read... Understanding WANs: A Technical Primer
January 2002 — OAM? DWDM? STS-12? SONET? Our expert explains the voice and data network convergence.

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